Friday, May 11, 2012

Aw shucks, Ma...

Does your Mom read Cook's Illustrated magazine?  Has she ever bought something because it was featured there?  Yes?  

Well, why not treat her to their current award-winning oyster knife, the New Haven - made right here in Massachusetts by the skilled craftspeople in our factory at 
R. Murphy.  It’s everything she’ll want in an oyster knife – “well crafted, with a simple, comfortable wooden handle” that easily opens the bivalve without damaging the meat.  

Never shucked on oyster before?
Show her this short video  --  Chef Jeremy Sewall of Island Creek Oyster Bar demonstrates the technique so well that the reporter is successful on her first try!  Mom will become the pro-shucker of the family!  With oyster season fast approaching what could be more thrilling?  Happy Mother's Day!

In the mid 19th century New Haven was a major center of the oyster industry in New England.  Here's an advertisement from one of the big players at that time.  R. Murphy has made the New Haven oyster knife for over 100 years!  
The New Haven

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