Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thanks to "Go Shuck An Oyster" for this great review!

Go Shuck An Oyster

TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2012

Quality Products at R.Murphy Knives

Photo Credit:  Sarah B. Richards
Review by Rachel:

If you're new to shucking oysters, or have shucked thousands of them, you should consider purchasing a knife from a Massachusetts company that manufactures several types of knives, R. Murphy Knives. 

Photo Credit:  Sarah B. Richards
R.Murphy Knives makes a high-quality product, and has several options for shuckers of all levels of experience. 

We tested out the New Haven model, a sleek yet strong stainless blade. The New Haven knife can be ordered with a wooden handle or green polyproylene.  We opened a half dozen Duxbury oysters with these traditional model knives. It was no surprise to learn that 
Cooks Illustrated Magazine voted this knife as best oyster knife out of six models tested. 

Photo Credit: Sarah B. Richards
The knives were easy to handle with a comfortable grip, and the blade was strong and just sharp enough to open the oysters easily. These knives were definitely a favorite among the new and experienced shuckers who tried them with us. 

R Murphy also offers custom labeling of their knives. Individuals, farms, restaurants or other businesses can add a custom label to the product.

R Murphy is located in Ayer, Massachusetts and was established in 1850. They have a large selection of all types of knives, including chefs' knives, oyster knives, knives for seafood and many other categories. 

Take some time to peruse their website! We loved the New Haven oyster knife and definitely recommend it, and look forward to checking out some of their other models in the future.

Enjoy shucking.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Aw shucks, Ma...

Does your Mom read Cook's Illustrated magazine?  Has she ever bought something because it was featured there?  Yes?  

Well, why not treat her to their current award-winning oyster knife, the New Haven - made right here in Massachusetts by the skilled craftspeople in our factory at 
R. Murphy.  It’s everything she’ll want in an oyster knife – “well crafted, with a simple, comfortable wooden handle” that easily opens the bivalve without damaging the meat.  

Never shucked on oyster before?
Show her this short video  --  Chef Jeremy Sewall of Island Creek Oyster Bar demonstrates the technique so well that the reporter is successful on her first try!  Mom will become the pro-shucker of the family!  With oyster season fast approaching what could be more thrilling?  Happy Mother's Day!

In the mid 19th century New Haven was a major center of the oyster industry in New England.  Here's an advertisement from one of the big players at that time.  R. Murphy has made the New Haven oyster knife for over 100 years!  
The New Haven

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Great customer service!

I would like to share a wonderful letter, well, actually a Facebook post, we received today from one of our customers in North Carolina.  He recently bought our New Haven oyster knife, the one that is featured in this month's Cook's Illustrated magazine (June 2012).  Here is what he wrote:

"Thank you so much for the professionalism and customer service last month. If you remember I bought a New Haven oyster knife last month. The very tip broke off so I called to inquire about it. You were very concerned and anxious to find out what may have been wrong with the product. After explaining the event you not only replaced the knife, you included another one to try out. I'm impressed with the pride, courtesy, and integrity in your company, especially in today’s society. The new knives perform awesomely. The Duxbury is a great knife for the medium to large oysters we get here and I may be using it for the sturdier oysters. The tip on the New Haven that you sent this time is slightly more blunt than the original, and that may have had something to with the other one breaking, as I have had no problems with the new one. Again I can't thank you enough for your time and customer service. Thanks for the great knives."

We are so pleased that he took time out to say what we at R. Murphy believe to be so important -- good customer service!  And as he also recognized, we are very proud of our products!  We know we make fabulous knives because of our attention to detail and choice of superior steels. Sharp, durable, long-lasting, and great looking!  

We are glad our customers and Cook's Illustrated magazine (tested in America's Test Kitchen) recognize it, too!

Thanks, JB from NC!  Happy shucking!

New Haven