Monday, July 18, 2011

Commercial Grade Oyster Knives. New!

This is an exiting week for us at R. Murphy as we roll out our newest line -- our 3 best-selling oyster knives are now available in commercial grade for the industry professional.  Made with heavier gauge steel than our consumer grade knife, we are sure that these will be a favorite on the boat, at the marina, and in the restaurant!

        Chesapeake Oyster Knife

               Gulf Oyster Knife

        New Haven Oyster Knife

Since we have been making oyster knives for well over 100 years, we are excited to offer these new products along with our whole new line of plastic handled shellfish knives introduced in May of this year.  Our Deep Sea Scallop Knives have been redesigned with the help of the 
New Bedford (Mass.) scalloping fleet, so you can see our Murphy Green handles with high carbon stainless steel blades from Nova Scotia to Maryland!  Please check the website for details.

R. Murphy Oyster Knives over the decades:
(click on photos to enlarge)


Our line of shellfish knives today:

'Tis the season!