Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Knives and Knife Sets for Wedding Gifts

Many of you have asked about buying good quality kitchen knives for a wedding gift.  You can buy an individual knife or a set of knives depending on your budget and price range for your gift.

There are several things to consider – first is the type of steel.  At Murphy we use two types of steel for our kitchen knives. 
Stainless steel is what you are probably most familiar with.  We use a high grade so we can get the sharpest edge possible for the knife.  Stainless steel is easy to take care of because it is, well, stainless!

High carbon steel is the other type of steel we use.  We love it because we can grind a sharper edge into the steel from the start, producing a sharper blade that will last much longer.  Knives made from carbon steel can also be sharpened many more times without diminishing the integrity of the blade.  Carbon steel knives require a little more care because they will rust if left wet.  So, when using them simply rinse and dry the knife, then put it back on the magnet (or wherever you store it) rather than let it drip-dry in the drainer.   The dishwasher is the wrong place for your quality knife.  Take good care of your sharp knife, washing it by hand and you will have a friend for life!

What types of knives are essential in the kitchen? 
A Chef knife because of its shape is the general all-purpose knife used for chopping and slicing.
A fillet knife because of its thinner blade is used for filleting and cutting in a curve, like around the stem of a tomato or pepper. A sharp fillet knife can even slice the tomato.
A paring knife is used for peeling and other precise tasks.   
Many also love the butcher knife and use it like a Chef knife.

This Spring we are excited to offer four high end kitchen knives with specially sharpened blades and beautiful Honduran Rosewood handles!  These are the knives described above – the Chef, butcher, fillet and paring knives.  They will be sold separately as well as in sets.  The extra steps in our manufacturing process make the extremely sharp carbon steel blades last even longer.  The Honduran Rosewood is gorgeous on its own, but we will put these handles through a couple extra steps for a truly lustrous finish! (Photos of these new knives coming soon!)

If you have a wedding coming up this June here is your chance to give a wonderful gift that will last a life time!  Stay tuned to us on Twitter, Facebook, our blog or website for when roll these beauties out!  No wedding coming up?   How about one for yourself?
8" Chef knife
5" fillet knife
3" paring knife


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